Unique Knitting and Crocheting Designs

Sonja Herbert's Handcrafting Designs

Check out pictures of my knitted and crocheted designs here. Photo Gallery

Presently I'm focusing on colorful afghans and uniquely designed childrens' dresses and hooded sweaters.

Check them out!

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I prefer knitting. The soothing rhythm of the needles, the soft metallic click, relaxes and destresses me. I've been knitting for so long, I can do it in the dark, or while watching TV.

I love the challenge of designing new patterns and figuring out color schemes.

Once I have everything figured out and have written it down, the relaxing part, the actual knitting, begins.

I have made many more items than I have photos for.

Learn more about my knitted items here. Knitting


Crocheting lends itself to great, lacy designs. And crocheting designs are a lot easier to develop than knitting designs. Also, crocheting goes a lot faster than knitting.

If you buy a crocheted outfit, you can be assured it's handmade, since crocheting can't be done on a machine.
But, alas! I can't crochet in the dark, and need to watch what I'm doing while crocheting.

On the other hand, I love to design crocheted dresses, for little girls and for bigger ones. They are so cute, and so much fun to put together! Check them, and my many other crocheted designs, out here. Crocheting

My Other Loves

I'm a writer and novelist by profession.

I love to write biographic and autobiographic pieces, and have written the story of my mother's life, who hid in a circus in Germany during Hitler's reign of terror. To the right is a picture of her, in the ticket booth of the circus she worked in.

I am also working on a memoir about my childhood on the carnival circuit in Germany, and have published many other stories and pieces.

And I write website copy pages.

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